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Performance without
CS 508ci Series
Up to 52 Pages per minute
1200 x 1200 dpi Image Quality
Professional Finishing Options
CS 508ci / 408ci
CS 358ci / 308ci
The power and
exibility to expand
as your needs evolve.
Business moves fast. And when you’re growing, you want technology that can keep up
and grow with you. Enter the compact, energy efficient and affordable CS 508ci Series.
These powerful multifunction printers keep pace with your dynamic, fast-growing business
through rapid scanning, ecient printing, cloud connectivity and a full suite of paper
handling andnishing options.
With an intuitive interface, vibrant color, smart device connectivity and a host of
multi-layered security features the CS 508ci Series enhances your team’s workflow. The
beauty of these intelligent MFPs is that they can pivot as quickly as your business does,
allowing you to choose the capabilities you need at every turn.
Impressive productivity.
Rapid printing and vibrant color are just the beginning. These multifunction printers pack a
punch with intelligent features such as multiple paper feed detection and staple detection that
help prevent problems before they even happen, ensuring greater system uptime and reduced
sta frustration. Save time by printing directly from your NFC enabled smartphone device or
through a wireless connection on your network.
Versatile media handling.
Whether you’re printing thank you cards for your best clients or spreadsheets for your latest
analysis, you can configure this system to handle your exact media needs, in a multitude of sizes
and weights. Opt for a maximum paper capacity of 3,100 sheets for workflows that require long
print runs or designate trays to accommodate specific forms. And when needed, add finishing
options that allow you to staple and hole punch with ease.
Exceptional scanning.
Scan, share and secure your documents quickly. Double-sided documents can be scanned in
one pass at up to 120 pages per minute — with the assurance that the paper will flow through
with protection against paper skip. Quickly share documents through the control panel, or easily
save them to a USB or smart device via the KYOCERA Mobile Print App.
Comprehensive security.
Keep your data and documents secure with a Data Security Kit that comes built-in. Multiple
layers of security can be deployed for network and PDF encryption, even during smart device-
initiated print/scan jobs.
The most persuasive
presentations are in color.
This is business color output at its
best. True 1200 x 1200 dpi print
resolution makes everything you print
crisp, colorful and vivid. Charts are
easier to understand. Data comes
to life. Presentations highlight your
competitive advantage right from the
start. Take advantage of high-quality,
aordable color to make all your ideas
stand out and get the attention and
accolades they deserve.
Paper handling
with flexibility.
Handle your printing needs in-house
with a wide range of paper handling
options. Choose from finishing
options and paper feeders that can
accommodate up to 3,100 sheets
of plain, bond, recycled, cardstock,
transparencies, labels or envelopes
(60-200 gsm). This means long,
uninterrupted print runs can be done
right from your desktop, saving you
time and money.
More possibilities with
more finishing options.
This multifunctional printer goes
beyond printing and scanning,
expanding to meet the exact needs
of your business at any stage. Choose
from a range of paper handling and
finishing options, from a space-
saving 300-sheet internal finisher
to a professional-grade finisher that
staples and hole-punches up to 3,200
sheets. These powerful add-ons help
you to tailor every job down to the
last detail.
As compact as you need it to be.
In many oces, space is tight. The CS 508ci Series fits right into your oce with its
compact size. Its small size belies its power to maximize your employees’ productivity. And,
once your needs change, you can easily add output and finishing options to get the exact
results you’re looking for.
More features that make
businesses competitive.
A touchscreen panel thats bright and intuitive.
From the moment you touch the tablet-like 7” Color Touchscreen Interface
(TSI), you’ll understand how to make the most of all its features and business
applications. Navigate using a highly visual, colorful display that allows page
scrolling, horizontal sliding, pinch-to-zoom, and drag-and-drop. Its familiar,
straightforward and easy to use. The CS 308ci comes with numerical keypad.
CS 508ci / 408ci / 358ci control panel
The CS 508ci / 408ci / 358ci / 308ci Options
CS 308ciCS
508ci / 408ci / 358ci
Only available for the CS 508ci / 408ci / 358ci models
Available on all CS 508ci / 408ci / 358ci / 308ci models
Requires AK-5100
Requires PF-5120
Stapler Option
SH-10 for DF-5100 / DF-5110 / DF-5120
Hole Punch Option
PH-5100 / PH-5110 for DF-5110
Document Tray
Job Separator
300 Sheet Internal Finisher
Document Processor
Document Processor
Document Processor
Card Reader Holder
3,200 Sheet Finisher
1,000 Sheet Finisher
5 Bin Mailbox
Attachment Kit
NK-7100(B) / NK-7110(B)
Numeric Keypad
2 x 500 Sheet Tray
2,000 Sheet Tray
500 Sheet MPT
Stapler Option
SH-10 for DF-5100 / DF-5110 / DF-5120
Hole Punch Option
PH-5100 / PH-5110 for DF-5110
Keep everyone on
the same page.
Support employees with
mobile capabilities
Keep employees moving swiftly with print, scan and send features at their fingertips. KYOCERA
Mobile Print, Apple AirPrint®, Google Cloud Print
, and Mopria® help them easily use the
Copystar to its full advantage. Standard Near Field Communication (NFC) for Android
Wi-Fi Direct provides added smart device convenience.
Simplify IT
Simplify IT management with Command Center RX from Kyocera, a standard web-based
interface that enables remote printing, file sharing, device monitoring, settings updates and
address book entry, right from your desktop.
Print and share frequently
used files, securely
Print and share frequently used files with Document Box, a secure area on the hard drive where
documents are conveniently stored and easily retrieved.
Reduce costs
Reduce costs with Proof Copy Mode. Print and approve a sample copy before duplicating large
documents to prevent waste.
There’s an app for that.
Kyocera’s robust portfolio of customizable business
applications lets your team accomlish even more, further
boosting productivity. Leverage information how, when and
where you need it.
Take advantage of KYOCERA Net Manager, a server-based
web application, to eciently provide secure printing and
copying and enable easy accounting of print-related expenses.
The Print&Follow function allows users to securely print to any
printer managed by KYOCERA Net Manager.
Kyocera Business Apps are powered by HyPAS™ (Hybrid
Platform for Advanced Solutions), a Kyocera-developed
software platform that expands your MFPs core capabilities
with simple touch-screen operations that address your unique
workflow needs. From mobile and cloud to cost control and
security solutions, these business applications seamlessly and
securely integrate with Copystar MFPs.
Print smarter for the planet.
The CS 508ci Series works confidently with your business to
maintain a tidy environmental footprint by reducing waste and
eliminating unecessary energy consumption.
Exclusive long-life technology and consumables.
Programmable Energy Saver function helps you control costs,
and Low Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) values support
your goals for energy conservation.
ENERGY STAR® version 3 compliant, with Low Power Mode
and Sleep Mode settings.
Environmentally-friendly Waste Toner Bottle design.
Remote monitoring redefined.
Optimize device uptime and reduce costs with KYOCERA Fleet
Services (KFS), a highly-secure cloud-based monitoring solution
that oers real-time visibility into:
Device Status: Take a proactive approach to error resolution
to ensure that your fleet operates at peak performance.
Counter Activity: Eliminate administrative burden with
automatic meter reading, for accurate and timely billing.
Supply Levels: View consumable levels to prevent
unnecessary workflow interruptions.
Usage Trends: Identify print, copy, scan and error code
trends to make more informed decisions (fleet right-sizing),
and further optimize workflow.
Keep work safe and secure.
The CS 508ci Series oers standard security features built into
the device software, as well as optional enhancements to help
keep sensitive documents from falling into the wrong hands.
Work confidently with:
Standard Data Security Kit (E) for overwrite and encryption,
to help safeguard mission-critical workflows.
Standard Embedded TPM
Standard Secure Boot
Standard Run-Time Integrity Check
Added “Power Users”
PDF Encryption to restrict access for displaying and printing
PDFs by assigning a secure password.
Private Print function with password protection and
User Authentication.
CS 508ci
Pages Per Minute: Color and Black – Letter: 52 ppm,
Legal: 42 ppm
Warm Up Time: 24 Seconds or Less (Power On)
First Page Out:
Copy: 5.3 Seconds or Less Black,
6.2 Seconds or Less Color
Print: 5.4 Seconds or Less Black,
6.4 Seconds or Less Color
Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC): 120V: 0.71 kWh/
week; 220V: 0.67 kWh/week
Weight: 109 lbs
(excludes Optional Document Processor)
Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle:
150,000 Pages per Month
Dimensions: 21.65” W x 21.65” D x 24.13” H
CS 408ci
Pages Per Minute: Color and Black – Letter: 42 ppm,
Legal: 34 ppm
Warm Up Time: 24 Seconds or Less (Power On)
First Page Out:
Copy: 5.8 Seconds or Less Black,
6.9 Seconds or Less Color
Print: 5.4 Seconds or Less Black,
6.4 Seconds or Less Color
Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC): 120V: 0.59 kWh/
week; 220V: 0.55 kWh/week
Weight: 109 lbs (excludes Optional Document Processor)
Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle:
150,000 Pages per Month
Dimensions: 21.65” W x 21.65” D x 24.13” H
CS 358ci
Pages Per Minute: Color and Black – Letter: 37 ppm,
Legal: 30 ppm
Warm Up Time: 24 Seconds or Less (Power On)
First Page Out:
Copy: 5.9 Seconds or Less Black,
7.3 Seconds or Less Color
Print: 5.5 Seconds or Less Black,
6.5 Seconds or Less Color
Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC): 120V: 1.86 kWh/
week; 220V: 1.66 kWh/week
Weight: 104.5 lbs
(excludes Optional Document Processor)
Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle:
100,000 Pages per Month
Dimensions: 21.65” W x 19.96” D x 29.13” H
CS 308ci
Pages Per Minute: Color and Black – Letter: 32 ppm,
Legal: 26 ppm
Warm Up Time: 20 Seconds or Less (Power On)
First Page Out:
Copy: 6.4 Seconds or Less Black,
7.8 Seconds or Less Color
Print: 7.0 Seconds or Less Black,
8.0 Seconds or Less Color
Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC): 120V: 1.55 kWh/
week; 220V: 1.43 kWh/week
Weight: 109.3 lbs (includes Standard RADF)
Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle:
100,000 Pages per Month
Dimensions: 21.65” W x 19.96” D x 29” H (includes RADF)
Each model is a powerhouse that moves at the speed of your
business to get all of your important tasks done. For detailed
information regarding the performance of the individual models
listed below, please refer to the CS 508ci Series Specifications Guide.
Specifications and design are subject to change without notice. For the latest on connectivity visit copystar.com. Copystar,
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* 1200 x 1200 dpi at reduced speed